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Due to frequent traffic jams from and to Jimbaran due to the undergoing airport underpass project we suggest you to book your accommodation around Jimbaran, Ungasan and Nusa Dua areas. In case you require accommodation recommendations you can contact us through the WhatsApp on numbers stated above, or send us email to bali[at] and please let us know the date of your arrival and for how many days would you need the accommodation. 


If you require constant internet connection during your stay in Bali you can purchase a pre-paid 4G SIM card at the airport when you arrive. Alternatively you can also obtain the SIM cards in most mini markets and cellular phone shops. Always ask how much quota you get for DATA since most providers bundle their packages with multimedia, for example if you purchase a SIM Card that come with 2 GB internet quota often 1 GB is for multimedia only and once you finish the 1 GB for data the card becomes useless. Prices and packages vary between providers.
Most hotels and restaurants provide free Wi-Fi, it might be free but don’t expect it to be fast. Ngurah Rai International Airport also provides free Wi-Fi service.


Online cab service such as Uber and Grab are available in Bali, there are also Go-Jek, Grab Bike and Uber Motor if you prefer. However be informed that some areas prohibit on-line car and bike services picking up passengers and only allow drop off.

Other options you have is regular taxi service (with meter), most reliable being Blue Bird which you can order by phone, using their online app or stop by road side. Blue Bird taxi is light blue color, but beware since other taxi companies that might not use the taxi meter also use taxis with light blue color. Similar to online services some areas prohibit taxis from picking up passengers.

You also have the option to renting a car or motorcycle from local rentals, most of the time your hotel would be able to arrange that for you or you can find one by yourself which might be slightly cheaper.

Last but not least there is Sarbagita public bus service available that is very cheap however the routes are very limited. You can find the complete Sarbagita routes here.  If  you plan to stay somewhere in Kuta you can take Sarbagita bus route Batu Bulan to Nusa Dua from Dewa Ruci 1 – On Bypass Ngurah Rai St. bus stop and then you would have to exit at Taman Griya 1 – On Bypass Nusa Dua St. bus stop, then walk for 15 minutes towards Klub Jimbaran.

Seminar Help Desk

If you have any other questions regarding the seminar you are welcome to join our Seminar Help Desk WhatsApp Group by following this link Bali Aikikai Seminar Help Desk.

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